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"Loved working with Holly and her team! From our first call with Holly to the closing and days after Holly was a joy to work with. Our refinance didn't seem attainable and Holly found a way to make it work and fought for us every step. Her team is so kind and what we loved most was their communication skills. With weekly updates and summaries we always felt informed and every email we sent was answered quickly. We love Holly and her team and plan on passing her name onto all of our family and friends."

Emily W
Marietta, GA

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Holly Walther in 2008 through mutual acquaintances in the housing industry. As a licensed real estate agent, I have met many loan officers and mortgage bankers throughout the years. Several didn't survive the mortgage meltdown and subsequent economic recession. Not only did Holly survive, but she is thriving and a leader in her field. Holly transformed the way she serviced her clients and evolved to be an educated mortgage banker focusing on what products best suite today's consumers.

When we ask our clients and agents what they like best about Holly, we often hear words like honest, trustworthy, dependable, organized, and detailed. When you choose Holly as your loan officer, your loan is going to close. I have personally closed two refinance loans with Holly and I'm still in awe of just how seamless she made the process.

Holly's team is made up of professional and dedicated loan experts that will guide you from step one in filling out the application to the final step... closing on your new home or refinance. Unlike most loan officers, Holly will provide you with a comprehensive written accounting of when to lock the rate, date of the appraisal, when the loan will get through underwriting, etc.

If you are in need of a loan officer that understands the needs and demands of today's borrower, I urge you to call Holly Walther.

- LauraLee Waters

Holly presented me with a number of mortgage options and helped me find one that fit my situation the best. During the application and underwriting process, everything went very smooth. Holly and her team were very responsive and helpful in getting all the details handled. Closing was equally smooth. 5 stars all around.

- Java Harpreet

This was my first home and being a newbie i was excited and nervous as well, but Holly did a great job in explaining all the steps in details to make it simple and being there all the time for my questions /inquires etc. This was a big deal for me to buy my first home but was made very easy and relaxing by Holly.

If you are a first time home buyer like me I recommend you should contact Holly,

Highly likely to recommend

- Tikesha Moore

I've closed on multiple homes in the past and this is by far the smoothest process I have EVER experienced. I am a full time Mom, employee and student. I also travel for my job! So every second is precious and accounted for in my life. Holly and her team were responsive, knowledgeable, and just overall encouraging. Their communication is extremely clear and avoids the back and forth due to misinformation that I have experienced before. I would recommend Holly for any loan needs and I am very blessed to have worked with her. I will definitely work witth this same group again in the future.

Highly likely to recommend

- user12166482

Holly is the most exceptional mortgage broker I have ever met. She is knowledgeable and responsive for all my questions and helps me on my mortgage application with a high efficiency. I get loan status updated on a weekly basis from Holly & her team, which makes me feel involved in the whole process. I highly recommend Holly and her team!! Thanks Holly, as well as her assistant Sarah.

- sueandleenathan

My husband and I are moving from Massachusetts to Georgia. Therefore all of our contact with Holly was per email and miles away. She was in contact with us all the time, answered question quickly and efficiently. She was wonderful to work with, I highly recommend her and can't wait to meet her when we arrive in GA.

- user6883230

This was my first home purchase and I feel truly lucky having Holly guide me from start to finish. During our first meeting, she made sure I understood all of my options and helped me make the best decision financially. Holly and her team stayed in constant in contact with me, and answered all my questions/emails in a very timely manner. I was very well taken care of!

- Kasey McGowan

Holly and her team were fantastic. They were efficient in processing our loan and were in constant communication with us throughout the process. Holly came up with a solution for our loan that other lenders were not able to accomplish. We had weekly, if not daily updates from her and the rest of the team and felt in the loop throughout the process.

- arose404

Our experience as a first time home buyer was a little out of the norm but Holly and her team made it work. They constantly partnered with me and helped me keep my head up to acheive our dream goal of buying a home. They are a very encouraging team and will do absolutely anything to help their clients, they will go the extra mile as well as make you feel as though you are a part of a family of theirs. I would highly recommend Holly and her team!!

- case814

Our experience with Holly Walther, Sarah McGaffic, and the rest of the team was very pleasant. Purchasing a home can be stressful but Holly and Sarah kept in contact and were readily available with any questions we had. The entire home buying process went smoothly and we would absolutely consult Holly for any future needs. We were presented with a lovely, framed watercolor picture of our home at the time of closing. These personal touches are very appreciated.

- gsweetapple

Not only were we impressed by Holly and her team but so was our real-estate agent, the lawyer, the seller, AND the seller's real-estate agent. She and her team TRULY care and WANT you to understand the entire home buying process. I've heard home buying is scary, and confusing, and sometimes tricky, but that was not at all our experience. Holly and her team made our experience exciting and fun. As first time home buyers this is what stuck out the most to us; -Timely responses to phone calls and emails -Easy to understand explanations of what part of the process we were in -AN AMAZING INTEREST RATE!:) -We weren't approved right away but they had easy solutions for us THAT WORKED -Holly and her staff's friendliness

- user8857500

My wife is a residential real estate agent and she has worked with the full gamut of lenders. Holly and her team were extremely helpful and are clearly focused on providing client-focused service.

We would definitely work with Holly again and highly recommend her to anyone buying a home.

- matt m wirth

If you're looking for the best, then Holly and her team should be your choice! Holly has handled several home loans for me over the past few years, and she's the one I always turn to because of her knowledge, experience, and dedicated service to her customers. She is always prompt, thorough, and accessible. Her team was also extremely courteous and helpful. I recommend Holly to anyone who is looking to buy or refinance a home! You will not regret the choice!

- user1678314

Holly really saved the day when I purchased my first home. Not familiar with the process, she walked me through every step and hurdle with clear and knowledgeable information in a way that made it easy for me to navigate. She was always very responsive and very thorough and was able to secure my loan despite the fact that I was a contract employee. Her enthusiasm and get-it-done approach made what is usually described as an agonizing process, less stressful and more enjoyable. I am very thankful for Holly and her team, I would not be in my own home with them!

- JulieMiller14

Holly and her team were dynamic. Being not only a first time home buyer, but also a transplant from NY her process was easy and painless. You know how difficult New Yorkers are to please, she was there every step of the way! Kudos to you and the staff at Heritage Bank. I would highly recommend.

- user9577428

Holly and her team were diligent, resourceful and knew what they were doing. The process was as smooth as I have ever experienced and I would recommend her and her team to anyone who is in need of financing!

- user504406

Holly and her team get all A+'s! The level of service was over the top. From start to finish, we never had to wonder about the status of the home buying/mortgage process - Holly always kept us 'in the know'. She gave us an amazing interest rate (increased our buying power!) and attended our closing (pretty sure that's not usual for a lender). She's not only a great team player but a pleasure to work with! We're highly confident recommending Holly to friends and family (she's currently serving a friend whom we referred)!

- Tim & Kathy Malone

Holly and her team were absolutely wonderful! We were new to the mortgage process and she made it very easy to understand. She kept us updated every step of the way, was very prompt in telling us what we needed to get to her, and worked hard for us to the very end. I would recommend Holly to anyone and everyone looking to buy a home!

- user30059214

Holly and her team (especially Sarah) were excellent. The level of customer service received was beyond our already high expectations, having had her referred to us with great praise by our real estate agent. I emailed her and Sarah a question late one night and set my phone down to go to bed, when I heard it ding. Both had replied to my question almost instantly! Also, Holly spent considerable time on a Sunday over the phone walking me through my options. These and other things really impressed me about her and her team. Great job!!

- lbc2m

Holly was wonderful to work with! We contacted her to assist us with the loan for our first home. Not being familiar with the mortgage process, Holly and her team laid out every detail and kept us updated each step of the way.We were given weekly updates, and Holly was always willing to answer our questions! In addition to being organized and thoughtful, Holly was very easy to talk to and a sweet person in general! Would highly recommend!!!

- jamiemp

I've worked with several loan officers to date but after working with Holly, she's the only one I ever want to work with in the future. She and her team are so experienced, friendly, prompt and thorough they made the entire process extremely easy, and far less stressful than I've experienced in the past! I highly recommend her to anyone.

- user8408467

We were referred to Holly for a refinance and she made the process as close to painless as possible! She was friendly, efficient, super helpful, and most importantly saved us several hundred dollars a month off of our payments. Holly is by far THE BEST mortgage professional I've ever worked with. You'll be in good hands!

- betsyrob6

I was very pleased with the experience. Coming in from out of town the way we did, it was nice to have someone like Holly that we could count on. She was very helpful and understanding. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to finance.

- aturner 1963

We had a beautiful experience with Holly and her team on buying our house.They are really wonderful people who made the procedure go smooth.We appreciate everything they help us with and you really can see they are professional.We strongly recommend them.

- medliv

Holly and her team are incredible!!! My husband and recently refinanced our home. Holly and her team made this process so easy and seemless. They went above and beyond to answer all our questions and walked us step by step through the process. I could not have asked for better service! We loved working with you all!!!

- kgyoumans

We have been dealing with Holly as Real Estate Agents and now as purchasing another home. I have always found Holly to be the absolute BEST! She knows how to handle difficult situations, has very competitive rates, and has everything on time for closing. What else could you want? I was so confident in Holly and her ability that I did not even talk to another lending institution. All my eggs were in her basket. And, she didn't let me down!

- user3950506

I loved working with Holly and her team. She made my home buying process run smoothly from beginning to the end. Both she and her team were always able to assist me with any questions. Her customer service skills and follow-through was excellent. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking to purchase a home.

- chris2381

F A N T A S T I C!!!

That is how i would describe the service Holly and her team provided. Never has a purchase of a home gone so smoothly for our family. I really have to say nothing could have been easier. i plan to use Holly and her team in all my real estate transactions going forward.

- 8fe39fdc

Holly is incredibly dedicated to making the closing process as smooth as possible. She was incredibly responsive and even showed up personally at closing. We had a great experience every step of the way.

- lauramoller518

Holly and her team were great! They exceeded my expectations in every way. Having been in the mortgage business, I can tell you that finding a loan officer that you can trust is not easy. She delivered the loan product and rate that she promised. Holly was always available to answer my questions and was very helpful! I loved the email updates and educational emails. If you want an easy, simple, streamlined, honest experience - choose HOLLY!

- KaraHolladayBracco

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